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Why Massage

Could you benefit from...

 ✓ relief from stress, injury, pain, tension, isolation?
 ✓ a healthier body that is both relaxed and energized?
 ✓ vitality that includes & surpasses lack of symptoms?
 ✓ time-out to both enjoy, and to cultivate, your best?
 ✓ physical, mental and emotional harmony for feeling
     vibrant, empowered and free?

If you'd say yes even once, why not schedule your first appointment now... for more time, sooner, feeling good?

It's how you can receive quality, healing touch and attention to help make a refreshing, positive transformation for you and, in turn, all that you touch and influence.

Why Massage and Bodywork?
Some people think of massage as a luxury and, while it can be luxurious among its many benefits, it should not be reserved for just that.

Regular, high-quality massage reduces stress, pain, fatigue, tightness and recovery time associated with overworking, improper posture, challenging work, old tension patterns, busyness, over-exercising, travel or just "biting off more than you can chew."

Regular maintenance of your body through massage is not just an important gift to give yourself every once in a while. Many feel that it is a necessity in these times to keep your body and mind working at optimum level; and it can help you move through your limits in many facets of your life, and into the best YOU you were uniquely meant to be.

What is true and powerful, beyond all the wonderful things that happen during and after a single session, is that the benefits of quality massage are cumulative. Establishing a regular bodywork regimen as preventive care and/or personal development can help manage and increase your overall health, well-being and effectiveness.

If you feel the burdens of the week or beyond tearing on you, come in for a massage. The difference after just an hour or two will ease your tension, stress and neck, back or other pain, elevating you to a new level of wellness and helping you to access greater ease and joy in life.

Can You Benefit from Bruce's Therapeutic Massage, Holistic Bodywork and Well-Being Strategizing?
Join satisfied people from diverse walks of life who derive deeper well-being by receiving Bruce’s individually-customized professional services:

  •  First time massage recipients and experienced connoisseurs
  •  People in great pain, imbalance or crisis as well as healthy people pursuing high-level wellness or an
      adjunct to their own physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual self-care
  •  Those who feel estranged from their bodies and those with strong self-image
  •  Women, men, children of all shapes, sizes, conditions and ages
  •  New Yorkers from all five boroughs and people who travel for their sessions from as far as eastern
      Long Island, southern New Jersey, Buffalo, Boston, Brazil and the Czech Republic
  •  Rich, poor and in-between people who recognize and value wellness as a priceless priority
  •  Computer users, musicians, entrepreneurs, performers, students, yoga practitioners, dancers, athletes,
     health professionals, house wives/husbands, laborers, business people, celebrities, retirees, physically
     disabled people, spiritual and psychological seekers, artists, art dealers, people in transition...
  •  And, Bruce is the bodyworker who other bodyworkers go to.

Bruce Says...
Hippocrates, the 'father' of modern medicine, claimed massage as one of his primary tools. Yes, quality massage relieves stress, feels good and helps you feel great about yourself. Based on my experience, I also believe there may be no limit to the healing, harmonizing role holistic bodywork can play in health and wellness when practiced with clear intent and skill.

My vision is to bring the world closer to
wholeness, happiness and ease, one person at a time, starting by supporting your every-day well-being to the fullest I am able and you are willing.

How about we start now, in a very simple way? Are you willing? Begin slowly inhaling and exhaling deep breaths (through the nose, if possible) – right now – and give yourself at least one precious moment to vividly sense and picture how good it feels to live with more of an inner shimmer and an outer glow.

I think you deserve more of this."

With so many reasons to claim your well-being, call (212) 721-8640 or email now.

"In the meantime, take a deep breath...
and be good to yourself
." ™

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