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Rooted in the muck, growing through the waters of life, reaching for the light. Bruce Markow LMT's logo (below) is derived  from a Lotus flower (pictured here), representing peace, harmony & enlightenment... through holistic bodywork
...with your own individualized 120, 90 or 60 minute bodywork sessions.

Start with an expert, compassionate LMT with decades of experience and commitment. 

Everyone is unique. In Bruce’s practice he sees you as the whole person you are. He applies deep listening and a broad array of healing skills to help resolve your concerns and address their causes.

Relax, revel and renew in a feel-good, yet purposeful, flow of myriad physical, energetic and integrative techniques, applied to tangibly meet your specific needs for the session and for the long run; and with holistic healing and growth strategies to optimize your body, mind, energy and spirit for your greatest health, happiness and effectiveness.

Bruce Markow's professional commitment to your well-being can help you...
    • both relax and experience increased available energy
    • get relief and recover from pain, stress, tightness, illness & overexertion
    • alleviate fatigue, unsound sleep and jet lag
    • find resilience in stressful emotional times
    • strengthen your natural immune system
    • slow or halt the progress of some illnesses
    • resolve structural, and other, health imbalances
    • heighten mental and physical performance, day-to-day & for big events
    • exude a sense of calm, ease and confidence
    • enjoy glowing health in body, mind and energy
    • experience, express & expand the YOU you're meant to be at your best
    • relax, transform & heal

Services and techniques your massage and bodywork sessions may include – as you want and need. We'll focus on enjoying your experience while addressing both immediate concerns and long-term results

 •  Deep Tissue, Connective Tissue, Swedish, Medical and Sports Massage
 •  Structural Integration
 •  Polarity Therapy, Qi gong and many other types of energy healing
 •  Acupressure
 •  Trigger points
 •  Chakra strengthening, development and balancing
 •  The Body Discovery Tour™ body readings
 •  Kripalu Bodywork
 •  Foot Reflexology. Double Bliss™.  
 •  Holistic, integrative, transformative, healing and growth strategies
 •  Body/Mind/Energy/Spirit/Wellness/Arts Coaching & Mentoring… and more

Bruce applies years of eclectic, holistic training and experience to help you thrive

 •  Practicing professionally since 1981
 •  Applied anatomy and physiology studies
 •  Imagery, affirmation and trance induction
 •  Energetic and spiritual studies and self-inquiry

 •  Meditation, many approaches
 •  Yoga and pranayama (breath and life-force development)
 •  Healing with sound
 •  Yoga mudras (healing hand positions) 
 •  Taoist cosmology. five elements and medicine
 •  Core Energetics (body-centered psychotherapy)
 •  Psychosynthesis (psychotherapeutic and education model)
 •  Wellness and life coaching and strategizing

Workshops and unique 1-on-1 sessions: Take-home tools for well-being

 •  Pre-event/Interview/Exam/Performance Tune-up Sessions
 •  Massage and bodywork tutorials & supervision
 •  Reclaim Your Vitality through Breath

 •  A Dozen Ways to Grow an Attitude of Gratitude™workshops and one-on-ones
 •  The Healing Power of Sound (THePOS)™
 •  Finding and Living Your Personal Mission
 •  Bruce’s Menu Approach™: Fulfillment In or Out of Relationships


Well-being awaits you. Call (212) 721-8640 or email, now, for your appointment.

"In the meantime, take a deep breath...
and be good to yourself."



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