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About Bruce

Bruce Markow, LMT, has your back... and the rest of you, too.

Bruce has practiced holistic bodywork Photo (c)2010 Bruce Markowprofessionally since April 1981, expanding clients' and students' experience of health and well-being in well over 35,000 sessions. You can see him by appointment at his welcoming space – a "Sanctuary in the City" solely dedicated to relaxing, transforming & healing on Manhattan's easily accessible Upper West Side.

A NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, certified Core Energetics "body-mind evolution" practitioner and experienced coach, Bruce devotes a full-time practice to help you ease your body and mind, reverse your limits and get to the top of your potential... while feeling good along the way.

He has taught and practiced extensively at two of the world's top holistic centers, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (Lenox, MA) and Omega Institute of Holistic Studies (Rhinebeck, NY) and consulted for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (NYC)He has collaborated with MDs, PTs, chiropractors, psychotherapists, trainers, yoga teachers and other wellness professionals.

Bruce's holistic and eclectic approach spans dozens of traditional and leading edge helping/healing techniques, providing an abundance of options. All  from many varieties of massage, ranging from Swedish to deep tissue, to energy healing work to numerous systems for developing the mind, emotions and "spirit" are focused on maintaining and enhancing your optimal well-being.

Bruce is the bodyworker who bodyworkers go to.

Experience the Value
Over the years, Bruce continues to successfully help people resolve a wide array of physical concerns and experience a core level of relaxation

He also looks at the bigger picture  the level of health, harmony and authenticity lying deeper within you  for accessing the roots of well-being, happiness and growth. This holistic approach may just silently inform the quality of attention within a relaxation-based session, or it may be more overt if you are open and interested.

Either way, Bruce applies his skills and experience to commit to the best in you  so that you are taken care of and you feel taken care of in a tangible atmosphere of respect, support and enhanced potential.

Clients say, in their own words, that their experiences are pleasurable in a new (and decidedly non-erotic) way, often instructive and always healing on multiple levels; that sessions relieve tightness, pain, stress and tension; release physical, structural limitations, as well as old belief structures that limit well-being; and open the path to the freshly renewed, true self they have longed to embody.

Claim your well-being. Call (212)721-8640 or email now.

"In the meantime, take a deep breath...
and be good to yourself
." ™

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