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Massage Gift Certificates

Get Health & Happiness Enhancing Gift Certificates for people whose well-being you truly care about – and for whom you can make a tangible difference.
What better gift can you give friends, family, co-workers and others than a certificate for 120, 90 or 60 minutes of bodywork bliss? Or VirtualVisits, drawing on decades of non-touch services to provide profound benefits?

And now to make that gift easily and quickly accessible and affordable, Bruce offers, below, Gift Certificates that you can buy online through PayPal or your credit card. You can choose to receive them either as an email pdf attachment of a beautiful certificate you'll print, as an email announcement sent directly to the recipient, or by mail.

Please note: Please keep the Gift Certificates or confirmation emails, use them within a year (not that anybody would want to wait that long!) and bring them when redeeming them. Also: Internet Explorer may not be optimized for your transaction; if so, please try a different browser.

PayPal makes it quick, secure and easy! It even enables you to simply use your regular credit card without joining PayPal.

Just choose the length and quantity of the sessions in the menu below.

In case you need help deciding: The current most popular session length is 120 minutes. Bruce also sees clients for 90 or 60 minutes (and for longer than 120), if you prefer. Sixty-minute sessions can be fine for many people. Longer sessions not only provide more time and more opportunity to benefit, but also a chance for an exponentially deeper realm of relaxation and healing.

The bottom line: As long as it is of good quality, some massage is better than no massage. (And now you can get powerful VirtualVisits, too!)

THANK YOU for choosing one or more of the following packages.

For quickest results, PLEASE TYPE RECEIVER-GIVER-DELIVERY INFO in the box above the ADD TO CART button, as directed in the yellow box below:

Choose from four 60 min. options


Choose from four 90 min. options:


Choose from four 120 min. options


If you need support for making your purchase, please call (212)721-8640 or email.

HOW TO FILL IN THE BOX entitled RECEIVER-GIVER-DELIVERY INFO above the ADD TO CART button, for the smoothest, easiest transaction for your gift certificate(s) and validation code:

• RECEIVER and GIVER NAMES: On these attractive, printable pdf gift certificates, the recipient’s name will appear in calligraphy, with the name(s) of the giver(s), below. Please type these names in the text box above, receiver’s first.

• DELIVERY: Also, clearly state above whether you prefer that the certificate(s) be sent to you or directly to the recipient. Then, type the corresponding email (or postal) address. (Alternatively, say that you plan to pick it/them up when you see Bruce for your own session.) You're all set!

If you need additional support making your purchase, please call (212)721-8640 or email.

Thank you 
Enjoy your gift-giving and the benefits you will help generate, and...

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