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Your well-being is your greatest gift and asset. Take care of it here... in-person, with VirtualVisits, or both

Choose a safe in-person welcome at the studio... or a VirtualVisit, for the same highly dedicated, customized level of support that you expect from tactile massage and bodywork.  (Read on...)

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Bruce Markow, LMT, provides a broad range of massage therapy care, holistic bodywork and potentially life-changing well-being-enhancing coaching and educational services in his "sanctuary" on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Bruce's goal is to help you experience, expand and express your best self. Recognizing well-being as your greatest asset, he encourages you to claim this opportunity to relax, transform and heal.

Feel deliciously whole - Bruce Markow LMT - 123feelgood.com"Iiinvite you to allow yourself, right now, to inhale a long, deep, luxurious breath...

Exhaling slowly, imagine your stress is evaporating out your skin as a gray vapor.

Savor another in-breath, as if it fills and heals every shadow within with a golden-white glow.

Releasing, you begin to tingle with pure ease. Well-being washes through your body and beyond...."

You can continue to feel this deliciously whole, and much more so. Tangibly. Dependably.

Calling on experience, technique, presence & care, I'm here to help you relax, transform & heal...
   to move from stress, pain & limitation into well-being the 
best YOU you're uniquely meant to be...
   to welcome your embodied Self home – healthy, happy and fulfilled.

I wish that for everyone. Call (212)721-8640 or email now to book your appointment and enjoy both the discovery and results for yourself. Your well-being awaits you

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