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Welcome to my practice! You are invited to call it your home to ease and enliven your natural well-being with advanced massage and other powerful, related healing opportunities.

Reducing and resolving stress, struggle, pain, tightness, imbalance and exhaustion frees you to enjoy the beauty of each day, thrive beyond your most elusive dreams and internalize the unique promise that calls only you. It also helps you feel immeasurably (and measurably) good! Can you imagine all this?

I'm here to provide renewing healing experiences, integrative practices and seasoned guidance that support you in meeting your health and wellness objectives and goals. I'll help you embody what's most alive and successful in you and nurture an empowered, mindful and loving relationship with yourself.

Call or email now for your direct route to relaxation, abundant clear energy, and a powerful presence. You'll be better set to handle life's challenges and celebrate its joys – and, of course, to feel incomparably good! Start by claiming your own future fitness and choosing one or both of these formats:

 IN-PERSON: Settle into my NYC Upper West Side massage & bodywork "sanctuary" for a profoundly rewarding reset!
VIDEOVISITS: Be renewed with the same 1-to-1, personalized, highly dedicated, expert level of support that you expect from my hands-on sessions, from your home or anywhere... See more

"On a scale from 0 to 10, this was a million"
"It would cost me more to NOT see you" 
"My body's straight for the first time since I've been an adult"

Bruce Markow, LMT
, provides a broad range of integrative massage therapy care, holistic bodywork, and potentially life-changing well-being-enhancing coaching and strategizing services in... See more 


Join me now for a quick taste of resetting your inner state. Let's pause...

Feel deliciously whole - Bruce Markow LMT - 123feelgood.com"invite you, right now, to inhale a long, deep, luxurious breath...

Exhaling slowly, imagine stress evaporates out all your pores as a gray vapor.

Savor another in-breath, as if a golden-white glow fills and heals every inner shadow.

Releasing, you begin tingling with pure ease. Well-being washes through your body and beyond...."


All this and so much more can be yours on a natural pathway to sustain you in becoming more whole. Deeply. Tangibly. Consistently.

Will you accept this invitation to embody your most longed for goals, objectives and dreams?

As your ally to relax, transform and heal, I'll apply decades of experience, an advanced skill set and caring presence to help you to feel fully nourished and
 • become more at ease and at home in body, mind & beyond – happy, healthy, fulfilled.
 • feel stress/pain/struggles dissolve into well-being toward the YOU you're uniquely meant to be.

Let's make thriving a real option, not a mere wish. Call (212) 721-8640 or email now to book an appointment and enjoy both the experience and the dividends for yourself.

Your well-being awaits YOU.

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