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Your FLEX Plan & My Licensed Massage Therapy  • February 15, 2015
Do you have a FLEX Plan through your workplace? This is an annual program that lets you use a pre-specified amount of your salary earnings, without being taxed, toward many of your healthcare costs not covered by insurance. It can save you a lot of money in taxes! 
Over the years many of my clients have applied their sessions at my practice as eligible expenses covered by their Flexible Spending Account.
Ask your employer and/or tax preparer if you can use an FSA, HSA, MSA or HRA for your wellness by effectively defraying the cost of my professional services. It is possible you will need an MD's recommendation to take advantage of the program when you see me. Of course, I will be happy to provide the appropriate receipts. 

This Month's Well-Being ePostcard  • January 15, 2015 (Edited January 15, 2017)

If you subscribe (Do it now) to Bruce's monthly Well-Being E-Postcard, you will have already received useful entries like this month's (somewhat longer) entry to help you feel good and gain momentum at this year's start and beyond:

SUBJECT: A Concise Checklist to Empower You with Well-Being... Now and All Year

The whirlwind of holiday season is suddenly over. Was it filled past the brim with overeating, overspending and overdoing? Plus, maybe too much shopping, partying, travel or gathering time with family/co-workers/friends (or perhaps an unsettling lack of some of these activities)?

As January rolls in, many people hit the brakes in a somewhat unfocused state, lost in the cold and dark that accompany the new year.

But a fog is the last thing you need to be in now. While honoring and enjoying the spirit of relative stillness that winter encourages, it is also vitally important to keep yourself strong and clear through intentional continuity, personal upkeep and positive self-reflection. To refocus now helps you affirm mindsets, behaviors and activities that protect, enhance and deepen your incomparably valuable well-being. 

Use this checklist to help carry you during this cold, dark transition time... through the season and all year long:

  Keep up with regular massage and bodywork. There's no sense listing it last-but-not least, when good bodywork stands out now (just as it did eons ago to Hippocrates, the "father of modern medicine") as an ideal, healthy way for your body, mind and energy to 

  • balance      
  • normalize
  • ease and relax
  • heal
  • safeguard
  • renew
  • develop  
  • make mindful 
  • and celebrate life

Many of my clients rely on their appointments as the time they know they will come back home to themselves (and receive some healthy, much-wanted renovation while they're at it!).

Think Endorphins!

   Eat well. This includes not only the what, but also when, how much, how vital and how consciously. I'll cover this in more depth another time, but meanwhile be sure to center yourself before eating, chew well and let your senses fully enjoy! (Quick tip: During cold weather many people thrive with more well-cooked roots, tubers and grains and fewer raw foods.)

   Attend to your moisture and temperature needs. Drink enough fluids, but avoid over-diluting digestive enzymes at mealtime. Go easy on caffeine, sweeteners and alcohol. Avoid overheating and overcooling yourself. Humidify an overly dry home. Wear layers outdoors. Snugly covering the back of your neck in cold and/or wind may prevent respiratory colds, according to Chinese medicine.

   Enjoy some aerobic exercise to keep things moving and to prevent stagnation; plus other movements that balance and bring awareness, e.g., yoga or tai chi. Maintain or develop needed strength. Have you been doing the planks that I wrote to you about this past autumn?

   Stretch your body physically; then stretch your mind as well! You absolutely can teach "old dogs" new tricks, skills and attitudes.

   Breathe. Explore yoga pranayama, breath meditation or just counting or watching your breaths. If your breathing isn't absolutely full and free and you are in/near New York, please book some sessions to address this through bodywork and coaching.

   Balance active and social time with quiet time. Harmonize work, play and focused effort with rest, sleep and self-reflection. Let go of pushing, as you are able. Attend to your sleep-time care.

   Spend at least some moments in witness mode. Someone/something within you watches with equanimity as thoughts, beliefs, feelings and sensations flow by – via meditation, focusing or other self-awareness activity.

   Begin, renew or maintain a practice of gratitude. This is such an easy, potent and proven well-being booster. For more support, read this

   Allow yourself a life-enhancing attitude of wonder, fascination, curiosity and playfulness toward your body, mind and feelings and toward your challenges. Can this attitude supersede fear, anxiety, worry, torpor, boredom, habituation, willfulness, avoidance and pessimism? I think so... Let's find out! Who's in?!

   On your cosmic balance sheet, take wise care of your finances, seek ways to be of service impromptu and by design and spend money on things you believe in; pay it forward; help build a planet you love and be the change you wish to see. 

 • It would mean so much to me for you to say (via email or phone or during your session-time) whether this well-being checklist serves you and, if so, how you apply it and benefit from it.

 • Please know that this is offered for educational and motivational purposes, based on extensive study, observation, professional and personal experience and a sense of service, but without formal allopathic medical training. I never diagnose, prescribe or treat. Do not hesitate to consult a medical professional to pursue any specific health concern.

 • You have options to further pursue how these practices can personally support you –  in person or with a pre-arranged phone or Skype call. Just ask.

I wish you all the best always and hope your year will be overflowing with vibrant health, happiness, prosperity, fulfillment, ease and delight... and feeling good in so many ways.

Many blessings and blissings,

© January 2015, 2017 Bruce Markow
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